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LEVEL UP YOUR Breath hold

The worlds premier surf specific breath hold course

The Surf Apnea course teaches you how to navigate the breath hold journey, improve your breath hold duration and deal with intense unexpected aquatic immersions.

Our courses accommodate everyone, surfer or non surfer, from absolute beginners to high performers. All participants develop greater self awareness and self control, which translates to improved confidence and decision making ability during intense situations like surfing hold downs.

You’ll learn a suite of safety, land and water based drills that you can use immediately in order to :

  • Hold your breath longer
  • Develop greater self awareness and self control
  • Improve your responses to stress and fear
  • Improve your decision making under pressure
Learn to Stay Calm and in control

Acquire skills that can be applied in any stressful environment

Our Surf Apnea course has been developed as a result of years of rigorous research and development, with knowledge gathered from freedivers, surfers and first responders from around the world. As a result, we have cut away all the fluff and unnecessary bits and pieces, and focus on teaching you only what is essential to the developing a more solid and robust breath hold, Giving you tools that improve your performance when it matters the most, and during critical, high stress situations like surfing hold downs. Our drills and content are constantly being reviewed and updated based on our research, experimentation and feedback given by our partners and clients.

The primary focus of teachings on the Surf Apnea course, is toward increasing the strength and endurance of the breath hold for surfing. This includes exercises such as static apnea (stationary breath holds) and dynamic apnea (breath holds whilst swimming underwater), and breathing techniques to increase recovery and oxygenation. The goal of the course is to help folks learn how to hold their breath whilst stressed, for longer periods of time, allowing them to stay in control longer and avoid panic. Surf Apnea concepts can also help athletes and general populations to improve their overall performance and increase their ability to handle challenging conditions and stress.

Although very popular among surfing communities the learnings from tise course are applicable to anyone at any level who wishes to develop more skillful breathing, improve performance, recovery, stress management, self awareness, self control and of course their breath hold.

International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine

Not just for surfers

Filling an educational gap by using a suite of water and land based breath control protocols to simulate real life experiences. The Surf Apnea course has received much recognition outside of surf sports and is often attended by land based athletes and vocational professionals seeking fear and stress management tools that canbe applied to their specific communities. This is due to the ability of our content to be contextualised to meet the specific needs of any one person or any industry.

Suitable for all levels

The Surf Apnea course content is suitable for all levels from absolute beginners to kamikaze chargers and pros and it has many takeaways for non surfers that are applicable across all facets of life. This course teaches self awareness and self control tools that enhance your ability to manage stress and enable you and your team to make better decisions when under the pump. You will learn about the breath hold journey and improve your survivability when exposed to intense situations such as surfing hold downs, and leave with tools to further enhance these skills with regular training.

What you will learn

Participants will learn theory, develop an understanding of the breath hold journey, perform simple effective exercises and learn training methods to develop adaptations to overcome “Intense situations”.

Topics covered include:

  • Dive Reflex
  • Urge to Breathe
  • Breathing and relaxation technics
  • Static, Swimming and Dynamic Apnea training methods
  • Safety protocols when training


Ability to swim 200m unassisted (body board fins can be worn if required). Must be at least 18years of age to attend.

Gear Required

Bring swim goggles (preferably not a dive mask), surf wetsuit plus swimmers or board shorts.

If your are not a strong swimmer we suggest you bring body board or similar style rubber swim fins.

NOTE: Although most pool water is maintained at around 27 degrees C, students can expect to be in the water for 2-3 hours. The body cools dramatically during static breath holds, so thermal protection is highly recommended for the first stages of the water session.

Water Safety

NOTE: Never undertake breath hold training in the water alone! No water based drill should be attempted with out the direct supervision of a competent buddy who is a responsible and competent adult.

Before undertaking any drills you will learn how to perform as a buddy and how to respond to in water emergencies like loss of motor control and black outs (although this training if conducted how we direct poses no more risk than normal freestyle lap swimming). The course content covers off on this information to ensure you have some preparedness should you ever encounter an unconscious person in the water).

Despite the element of perceived danger surrounding breath hold activities our training protocols are very safe and involve no more risk than conventional freestyle lap swimming. This is because we do not use hypoxia (Low O2) based drills. Instead we use hypercapnia (high CO2) to stimulate a strong urge to breath way before there is any risk of you lowering your oxygen levels to critical levels.

Highly recommend

Highly recommend the course to anyone looking to improve their breathing techniques. Jason and the team are doing an awesome job. Course is well presented and fun. Thank you to the team for an enjoyable course.
Alex Tearri

Excellent course

Excellent course highly recommended. Jason is a great instructor, and the course is super informative, well structured and fun. If you like to surf or dive you should do it.
Paul Liddell

Hold your breath under stress

It contains a lot of useful information about how breathing works and how to use this knowledge to your advantage. Then during the practice session you learn drills to help you train your body and mind to be more comfortable in situations where you have to hold your breath under stress.
Rob Arnold Bik

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