Surf Apnea

Our globally recognised Surf Apnea course is the worlds leading surf specific breath hold course for surfers and aquatic athletes. Our techniques are currently used and supported by some of the worlds most elite and professional water people including, Brad Gerlach (big wave surfing legend and world renowned surf coach), Matt McGillivray (WSL competitor and base jumping athlete), Isabella Nichols (WSL surfer), Russel ORD (world renowned big wave photographer), Shanan Worrall (big wave slab rider and founder Shark Eyes), Jay Bottle -Thompson (Pro surfer and Surfing Australia’s head development coach), Tom Avery (Australian Indigenous longboarding champion), and Bella Zanesco (world champion sailor and kiteboarding world record holder). The course uses surfing hold down simulations to teach a suite of stress control tools, enabling anyone to better manage stress during high stakes situation. Built on over 10 years of research and development, with insights from freedive, surfing, high performance and first response communities, the Surf Apnea (TM) course focuses on what is essential to developing a high heart rate, dynamic and robust breath hold, that enables you to better manage the stress and keep functioning, not only during intense underwater situations but any critical, high stress event. The biggest takeaway s being greater self awareness and self control which together, enhance decision making and increase survivability when you’re under the pump.

Surf Apnea (TM) training enables you to increase breath hold times during intense underwater situations and develop stress and fear management tools, transferable across all facets of life.

The course includes land and water based drills that develop enhanced recovery, build more functional breathing, teach a suite stress control tools, enabling you to better manage stress during any challenging scenario. The skills learned on the Surf Apnea (TM) course are applicable to anyone at any level, from any back ground, who wishes to develop more skillful and functional breathing and breath holding, improve health and performance, recover faster, have better stress management, greater self awareness and greater self control.

Jason Rice teaching apnea survival course
Surf survival training
Learning how to increase high heart rate breath hold underwater
Learning breathing techniques

Apnea Survival Instructor

If you’re a freediver, yogi, breath worker, swimming, surf or sports coach, PT, trainer or have an existing aquatic skill set, our globally recognised Apnea Survival Instructor certifications are a great addition to your current toolbox. As an Apnea Survival Instructor you’ll not only be armed with tools to improve folks survivability during intense under water situations, like surfing hold downs. You’ll also offer a unique point of difference by providing innovative teachings on breath holding, breathing, cold water immersion (ice bath) and stress control, that can be incorporated into any facet of your clients life.

Don’t stress if you don’t have a solid water based skillset. You have twelve months to pass the water based prerequisites, or we can offer a hybrid ‘land based’ version of our AS Instructor certification that excludes the water based competency requirements. It covers all the same content but without the assessment of your water skills. Or check out our internationally recognised Cold water Immersion Instructor certification.

All of our instructor trainings are also available privately and remotely using a combination of online learning, live zoom, video or face to face sessions.

Cold Water Immersion (CWI) Instructor

The CWI Instructor certification is Australasia’s original and premier CWI instructor training course.  dives deep into what the body and mind go through when immersed in cold water (ice) and how we can use this experience to improve our breathing and response to stress. This course provides coaches with solid tools to improve their clients health and performance generally, remain calmer under pressure and breath in a manner that enables improved regulation of the autonomic nervous system.

The CWI Instructor course is available privately and remotely using a combination of online learning, live zoom, video or face to face.

Can’t find a course running near you? Send us a detailed message via the contacts for more info.

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You choose how to learn

All our courses are now delivered online.

The Surf Apnea (TM) course is delivered completely online and is fast becoming the new go to training tool for water folks serious about their performance and who want instant 24/7 access to their learning materials, The Apnea Survival instructor (4 days) and the Cold Water Immersion Instructor (1 day) courses are also delivered online but with the addition of private live zoom one on one sessions with Apnea Survival Master trainer – Jason Rice. All our course offerings are chunked down into manageable theory and practical based lessons. Providing specific knowledge of what the body and mind go through during intense breath holds and when stressed. Apnea training is a scientifically proven method that trains autonomic nervous system control, adapts the body to hypercapnia, hypoxia and leads to improved control of stress and fear.

Surf Apnea Face to Face Course

Courses run at locations throughout Australasia and International. Numbers are limited.

apnea survival online course

Surf Apnea Online Course

Easy to follow videos. Work at your own pace through easy to digest theory with many practical based components to up your skills.

Incredible experience

Jasons course was amazing. One of the most incredible experiences of my life.  A breathwork course in a pool that will 10 X your performance. 
Bella Zanesco – best selling author, World champion sailor and kite boarder.

Amazing course

Amazing course that taught me a lot about how our bodies work and how important breathing is. Jason is a great teacher and helped me push my limits. It’s a rewarding form of training for ones body and mind and I definitely recommend it!
Matthew McGillivray – 2022 WSL competitor, aerial ripper and base jumping hell man!


Your whole course was excellent, well timed, extensive and fun, superbly paced and suitable for me as an experienced surfer and waterman and novice breath holder.
Tom Avery – Australian Indigenous longboard champion
Team building and corporate training

Something for everyone

Our courses can provide a fun and exciting corporate / team building event or an intense performance enhancing experience and are easily adaptable to just about any cohort of people. There is something quite remarkable about the journey of mastering ones breath and breath hold, that enables the development of very unique adaptions which are transferred across many facets of life.

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