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FACILITATE EPIC Cold Water Immersion workshops

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Please note: This course includes specific breathing techniques for CWI preparation, immersion and recovery, as well as,  a comprehensive workshop template.

Our globally recognised Cold Water Immersion workshop facilitator certification was the original of its kind and remains an industry bench mark standard for folks wishing to facilitate cold water immersion (cold plunge) workshops. The certification is open to anyone seeking to deepen their knowledge of Cold Water Immersion as a stress management and relaxation tool, and folks wishing to deliver commercial cold water immersion workshops.   If you’re tossing clients into cold water and ice, there are things you need to be aware of to ensure it’s done safely, effectively and with the correct protocols to get the results your client is seeking and that are appropriate for the particular cohorts you’re working with.

This certification explores breathing techniques and specific protocols to stimulate deep relaxation, improve sleep, manage stress and fear, maintain calm and reduce the effects of our natural cold shock response, maintaining calm and building grit and resilience.

The course comprises a full day of face to face workshop, 20 hours of comprehensive, online learning, theory exam and completion of 2 practical prerequisites. We cap the attendance numbers to enhance the delivery experience and ensure the best possible learning opportunity for candidates to experience both the instructor and student points of view.

Our Cold Water Immersion training uses cold water as a stressor and breath control training tool. However, aside from the amazing glow and feeling you get following a cold plunge, there are many other benefits.  With origins rooted in many ancient cultures, who have long proclaimed the use of post-sauna cold exposure to rinse off toxins, jump-start blood and lymphatic flow, and release endorphins.

The goal of our facilitator training is to provide trainers, coaches and other community members with stress reduction and deep relaxation techniques that can be transferred and applied to the general day to day activities of their clients, backed by a suitable amount of education that enables them to safely deliver Cold Water Immersion workshops to a range of client cohorts.

Cold Water Immersion and breathing are extremely powerful modalities that need to be delivered with care and caution, and facilitators need to be prepared for when things go array. Although generally speaking, CWI is relatively safe when facilitated by appropriately trained and prepared facilitators, who understand the particular contraindicators, and the cohorts of people who need to err on the side of caution when it comes to breathing and cold water related activities. 

The workshop certification covers protocols to:

  • Enhance deep relaxation
  • Improve sleep
  • Manage stress and fear
  • Maintain calm
  • Enhance focus and decision making capacity when stressed
  • Reduce the effects of the cold shock response
  • Building grit and resilience
  • Identify contraindicators
  • Respond to adverse side affects of CWI
  • Risk assessments and Safety briefings
  • Conduct briefings and debriefings and workshop closures
International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine

What to Expect

This certification can be undertaken privately and remotely using a combination of online learning, live zoom, video or face to face , in person one on one, or small group settings and comprises 6 – 8 hours face to face training, 15 hours online learning, theory exam and completion of 2 x practical prerequisites.

Note: This is not a ‘break through’ breathing or ‘Wim Hof Method’ type event and there is no water based / breath holding requirements for this cert. The breathing techniques taught on this certification stimulate deep relaxation and down regulate stress and fear based arousal and tension using:

  • Stress reducing and relaxing breathing techniques
  • Relaxed breath retentions
  • Cold water immersion (stress control)

We need to assess your ‘skin in the game’ and teaching skills so there are prerequisites and teach back demonstrations to be completed by participants during the face to face component of this course.  Including, undertake CWI whilst maintaining relaxation and controlled breathing for 3.30 minutes, a 10 minute 1/1 CWI challenge, leading a student through a CWI and delivering a CWI safety brief.

What to Bring

Please wear comfortable clothing you can exercise in and remember to bring swimmers and a towel for the ice bath.

Gear Required

  • Swimmers
  • Towel for the ice bath
  • Comfortable loose clothing
  • Clothing to keep warm between your stints in the ice
  • Cushion, pillow or bolster to sit on
  • Hand towel
  • Hydration

Water Safety

NOTE: Never undertake breath hold training in the water alone! No water based drill should be attempted with out the direct supervision of a competent buddy who is a responsible and competent adult.

Highly recommend

Highly recommend the course to anyone looking to improve their breathing techniques. Jason and the team are doing an awesome job. Course is well presented and fun. Thank you to the team for an enjoyable course.
Alex Tearri

Excellent course

Excellent course highly recommended. Jason is a great instructor, and the course is super informative, well structured and fun. If you like to surf or dive you should do it.
Paul Liddell

Hold your breath under stress

It contains a lot of useful information about how breathing works and how to use this knowledge to your advantage. Then during the practice session you learn drills to help you train your body and mind to be more comfortable in situations where you have to hold your breath under stress.
Rob Arnold Bik

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