Up your Ante

Are you ready to play a bigger game?

Do you want to overcome the barriers standing between you and your next
performance milestone?

Do you want to get out of your head, control stress, manage fear, perform better
under the pump, thrive in high performance situations, or improve your general

Are you willing to show up, commit to a process and do the work to change your
game and up your ante?


“Water based training and breath holds are perhaps one of the most underutilised, yet possibly most versatile and effective conditioning tools in the high-performance toolbox.”​​​​

Private coaching

Water confidence program

Upping your ante requires you to get uncomfortable and increase your risk
exposure, so you can gain a greater advantage toward achieving future
milestones and be equipped for complex challenges. It also requires you to
enhance the support and focus that will keep you on track and maintain your
trajectory toward your chosen objective.

Private water-based coaching is the great tool to take you to this next level.
Water confidence, breath holding, breathing and contrast exposure training
(cold and heat), teaches you to master the core skills of life and how to be
more relaxed under pressure. In no other sport or activity can facing ‘pressure’
be taken so literally. In a water-based program pressure becomes a tangible
object that you can work with, toy with, learn to accept and exist with.
Excelling your performance in all facets of life.

The pressure of holding your breath underwater is both physical and mental
(psychophysiological). Your perceived intensity of being stressed underwater
will test and challenge your inner self. What happens to your psyche when
you’re underwater on a single breath reflects how well you manage things out
of the water.

The main objective of water confidence and contrast exposure training is to
develop superior self-awareness and self-control. This skill enables you to
improve calmness and emotional regulation, both essential ingredients in
optimum health and performance.

What is private coaching?

Our private coaching sessions revolve around the concept of developing improved
self-awareness and self-control. Sessions may include any one or a combination of
modalities such as: water-based work (in the pool or ocean), land-based drills, breath
holding, breathing, cold water immersion and deliberate heat exposure. The system
we’ll use is ultimately determined by what is necessary for you to obtain the specific
outcomes you are seeking.

Private sessions can be delivered in either a small group or one-on-one setting.
During which Apnea Survival creator Jason Rice will personally develop and deliver a
program tailored to meet your specific needs. If you’re seeking to improve and level
up your performance or wellbeing, our private coaching could be the game changer
you’ve been looking for.

When preparing individuals or teams to perform at the top of their game it’s no
secret there isn’t a one-size-fits-all. Whether its general water confidence, enhanced
athletic output, stress control, fear management, corporate wellness, general fitness
and health or team building solutions you’re looking for, an individual and
personalised approach to training and programming will always outperform a generic

Private coaching is about meeting the needs of individuals. Regardless of your skill
level, your individual performance needs are unique and require a specific focus to
optimise performance and develop skill sets. Private coaching is client-driven, which
means you get to work on the specific things you need to achieve the outcomes
you’re pursuing. The process is also very flexible. So you can work on big things,
smaller nuts and bolts things, or a combination of both and you will be kept on track
and accountable with specifically targeted programming.

Benefits of private coaching

Increased Motivation

You work harder in the presence of others. Private coaching provides
the encouragement, energy and motivation you need to accelerate your

Undivided Attention

A personal coach is completely focused on you and driving you your goals.
There is no agenda to get through a certain amount of work in a session.
The process will be adapted to however long you take to develop a skill.

Customised Training Program

A personal coach learns everything about your current state and
conditioning levels and therefore can craft a regime that will help you
achieve your goals in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

Consistency & Habit forming

A personal coach holds you accountable and calls you out on any excuses or
limiting beliefs you might use to avoid committing to the process. It’s a lot
harder to skip a session when you know someone is waiting for you. As a
result, you’re more likely to maintain new habits.

Training around medical conditions and injuries

A coach can build a program around any existing disabilities or injuries and
therefore ensure your safety and provide a positive session experience.

Highly recommend

Highly recommend the course to anyone looking to improve their breathing techniques. Jason and the team are doing an awesome job. Course is well presented and fun. Thank you to the team for an enjoyable course.
Alex Tearri

Excellent course

Excellent course highly recommended. Jason is a great instructor, and the course is super informative, well structured and fun. If you like to surf or dive you should do it.
Paul Liddell

Hold your breath under stress

It contains a lot of useful information about how breathing works and how to use this knowledge to your advantage. Then during the practice session you learn drills to help you train your body and mind to be more comfortable in situations where you have to hold your breath under stress.
Rob Arnold Bik