Weight Vest – Camo

$90.00 AUD

The Camo series weight vest is meant for divers using our camo range of wetsuits who need more weights than a belt can fit, or who want to more evenly distribute the weights they are carrying. A more even distribution of weights is important particularly in shallow water and can help to keep you concealed in weed beds and shallow reefs alike. By putting a third of your weight in your vest, you will achieve a more even spread of weight, putting less stress on your lower back. It is also safer than overloading a weight belt with too much weight.

There are six velcro pockets on the vest – four vertically on the spine and one on each chest flap. Each pocket is padded and individually sealed so weights will not move around

Most weight vests attach to your weight belt in one form or another making it hard to quickly separate the belt from the vest in an emergency. The Hunt Master Camo Weight Vest uses a simple plastic ball on a cord that tucks under the belt and locates the vest snug on your back to avoid it riding up your shoulders when duck diving.

The key safety benefit of this system is that when making an emergency ascent by dropping your waist-mounted weight belt you’ve lost two thirds of your total weight without having to worry about clips, straps or fasteners. If you need to drop the remaining third of your weight it’s a simple task of two quick-release clips. We found that other styles of vests that thread a single clip through oversized D rings have a tendency to get hung-up under load. At Hunt Master we don’t compromise on safety and we believe our vests use the safest connection method on the market.

*** Please not weight vest lead purchased separately.

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Product Description


“Be seen when you want, disappear when it counts!!”

Our various camouflage colours are designed to operate in all ocean habitats:

  • BLAZE for rocky and weedy structures;
  • BLUE for pelagic species in the open ocean;
  • GREEN for grassy and weedy habitats;
  • GREY/SILVER for bare rocky terrain;
  • RED and PINK for reef beds.Yellow with gold,

Note that the red and pink suits are bright on or close to the surface, but fade to an inconspicuous blend of grey and granite at depth.


  • Double-stitched for added strength and durability;
  • Quick-release safety system via two quick-release clips on chest and left shoulder;
  • Unique multi-coloured and multi-layered camo pattern, available in six matching colours; Red, Green, Blue, Blaze, Pink and Silver;
  • Integrated front D ring for connection of whistle, torch, cray-gauge or even your gun while you burley;
  • The vest can hold up to 6 x 0.75kg ‘loose’ lead weights (sold separately). This gives a total of 5 kg of extra weight including the vest;
  • ‘One size fits most’ with generous adjustment using the double quick-release clips.

Additional Information


Blaze, Blue, Green, Pink, Red, Silver