Apnea Survival Instructor Certification – Private – Blended online / zoom Course

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Internationally Accredited – Apnea Survival Instructor Certification (includes Cold Water Immersion Instructor Certification) – Online / Live Blended delivery

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Product Description

This is a blended course combining online learning, live zoom classroom / practical sessions, video submissions of prerequisite requirements and lesson deliveries.

The course is presented live by Apnea Survival Master trainer, Jason Rice and is delivered in exactly the same manner as our in-person, face to face 5 day Apnea Survival Instructor training course. The course contains all the theory and practical components necessary to deliver our Surf Apnea course (Australia’s premier surf breath holding course), our 1 day Breath FX (functional breathing) workshop and our Cold Water Immersion workshop.

It contains all the same content you get when attending the 5 day in person face to face training. But… with the convenient flexibility of learning at your own pace, with your own timetable and in the comfort of your own space from, any geographical location in the world. Buy it now and start your harder to Kill learning journey immediately.

As an Apnea Survival certified instructor, you’ll develop a high level of content delivery and be able to instil confidence in others, through leading by example. Our training will give you credible skin in the game, setting you apart from other industry professionals. All of the drills you’ll perform and learn to deliver underpin the foundational teachings of our educational system, which is threaded with a consistent stress control undertone and in the case of Surf Apnea building water confidence.
In order to maintain a very high skill and integrity standard with our instructors and market confidence in our brand. We have set non-negotiable prerequisites as per the in-person face face course. These are not difficult to accomplish if you complete the online learning, apply the techniques and philosophies and commit to some training. Do this and you’ll pass our 3 physical prerequisite requirements and turn up on day one of your course ready to rock and roll and will successfully complete all components of the 4 days of training.

How it works. You buy the course online. Once we have received confirmation of your payment in full, you’ll be automatically granted access to our instructor learning portal and be able to commence your studies immediately. At this point you can contact us directly via email and schedule your private zoom sessions. The Zoom sessions are delivered in a flexible manner to accommodate your schedule and lifestyle and you will also have direct email contact with Jason Rice – your master trainer.

You have twelve months to complete the course and all prerequisites. However, we have found the most effective way is for students to undertake consecutive 3 hour / half day blocks of live zoom coaching sessions of which there are six to eight in total, depending your skill level and starting point at entry.

There is a deposit payment or pay in full option for this course. However, access to the online learning portal will not be released until full payment is received. Please read our refund policy thoroughly before you make your purchase.

Buy it now and start your ‘Harder to Kill’ learning journey immediately.

Apnea Survival (here after referred to as we) do not offer refunds for:  Adhoc no shows.  Non-medical withdrawals less than 14 days from an event date.  Online course purchases are final. If you purchase an online course and then you decide to withdraw from that course for any reason, regardless of whether or not you have accessed any course material, you will not be eligible for any refunded, or transfer to another course, unless that course is an upgrade to your original purchase. If you decide to withdraw from any face to face or blended / zoom event, 14 days or less prior to that event for any non-medical reason, or if you have accessed any course materials (regardless of whether the you have a medical reason), online or otherwise you will not be refunded, nor will you be transferred to another course.  However, for medical withdrawals where no refund is offered, if you have accessed online or other learning materials, at our discretion and upon receipt of your written request and submission of a medical certificate issued by a medical practitioner, we may transfer you to another course, if one is available.  Further, a medical certificate issued by a medical practitioner is required to validate any medical withdrawal from any course that may require a refund.  We will consider requests to transfer you between courses if, that request is received in writing more than 14 days prior to the event date, and pending availability of any subsequent course or date.  If your event is cancelled by us or because of  ‘acts of god’, etc outside of our control, we will provide a full refund to your method of payment, unless you have accessed online learning materials, in which case we will retain the equivalent of the course deposit fee (50% of the full price).   If your event required the payment of a deposit and you cancel or withdraw from the event for any reason (including medical), 14 days or less prior to the event,  or upon or after the date of receiving our invoice for full payment (14 days prior to the event), or you have accessed course material online or otherwise, your deposit will not be refunded.  If you have any queries regarding our refund policy please contact us prior to purchasing your course / event ticket.  Note : All course withdrawal related refunds will incur a $50.00 administration fee.  Purchasing your ticket for any event / course is acknowledgement by you that you have read, understand and accept our refund policy.