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    Cold Water Immersion Instructor Certification Private online blended course

    $1,295.00 AUD

    Cant get to one of our face to face trainings?

    Try our internationally accredited, private one on one blended delivery course, combining online learning, private live zoom classroom sessions and video submissions of practical prerequisites.  The course can be undertaken at any time and from any place world wide.

    Please note: This course now includes complimentary access to our Breath FX (functional breathing) Instructor course and new information on Deliberate Heat Exposure and contrast training.

    The course consists of a total of 30 hours online learning,  plus a five hour private live zoom presentation which is delivered in the same manner as our in-person face to face Cold Water Immersion Workshop Instructor training. The course contains all the theory and practical components covered in and necessary to deliver a Cold Water Immersion workshop. It contains all the same content you get when attending the 1 day in person face to face training.  But… with the convenient flexibility of learning at your own pace, with your own timetable and in the comfort of your own space from any geographical location in the world.

    As an Apnea Survival Cold Water Immersion workshop certified instructor, you’ll develop a high level of content delivery and be able to instill confidence in others, through leading by example. Our training will give you credible skin in the game, setting you apart from industry cowboys.  All of the drills you’ll perform underpin the foundational teachings of our educational system, which is threaded with a consistent stress control undertone.  In order to maintain a very high skill and integrity standard with our instructors and market confidence in our brand, we have set non-negotiable prerequisites as per the in person face face course. These are not difficult to accomplish, if you complete the online learning, apply the techniques and philosophies and commit to some training.

    How it works. You buy the course online. Once we have received confirmation of your puchase,  you’ll be automatically granted access to our instructor learning portal and able to commence your studies immediately. At this point you may choose to contact us directly via email and schedule your private zoom session/s. The Zoom sessions are delivered in a flexible manner to accommodate your schedule and lifestyle and you will also have direct email contact with Jason Rice – your master trainer.  You have twelve months to complete the course and all prerequisites.

    The live components of the  course is presented by our master trainer Jason Rice.

    Buy it now and start your ‘Harder to Kill’ learning journey immediately.